Hospitality and Food Outlets

Restaurant design / Cafe design / Bar design / Fast food / Kiosk design


Restaurant design has its own set of criteria to consider. Apart from all that you need to consider when designing a retail space, (see retail store design) the designer has to consider and have knowledge of food preparation practices, cooking, cleaning and refrigeration equipment and their functions, know health department and regulatory requirements in terms of design and specifications of appropriate construction materials and finishes. Back of house layout (kitchen, preparation space, behind counter) need to be functional to minimise time wasting and maximise output, for better customer service and more efficient work handling. Front of house design needs to consider the space from the customer’s perspective such as convenience in ordering, smooth traffic flow and all importantly, the ambience. 

Creating the right ambience for a hospitality establishment, be it a resort, restaurant, bar, cafe or takeaway food space, is now widely being recognised. To stimulate the senses through images, menus, the right lighting and style of furniture – the cafe or restaurant design has the potential to influence the customer’s decision to indulge.

The added involvement of other service providers in this field of interior design, hydraulic and mechanical engineers, graphic designers etc, need a prompt and professional response from the interior designer to enable them to integrate a;; services into the overall project smoothly. Here is where effective communications, prompt response to queries, and a basic knowledge of the scope of services they provide, helps to ensure a seamless process to make the project a success. 

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