What is the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer?

Interior decorators typically focus on the decorative elements of the home such as finishes, surfaces, furniture and wall coverings. An Interior designer is a more specialized career field requiring a formal education, work experience and licensing. While an interior designer can do all of the decorative aspects, they will also have knowledge of interior architecture principals, drafting skills and accessibility and building codes.


Why do I need an Interior Designer?

Whether you require help with furniture and colour selection or are completing a complicated remodel or new construction project, the advice from receive from working with a professional interior designer who has the knowledge and experience of many similar projects is invaluable. An interior designer will help you to move seamlessly and efficiently through the project, as well as help you to prevent costly mistakes along the way.

Can I use Design Gallery if I don’t live in Brisbane?

Yes. Most of the design process happens via email and phone calls so it’s no issue to work outside of our postcode.

Is Design Gallery registered and insured?

Yes. Design Gallery have the relevant registration to undertake commercial interior design throughout Australia including the addition requirements for Victoria and Tasmania. In addition we also have the relevant and necessary insurances in place including public liability, professional indemnity, business insurance and current work cover.

Does my designer have a ‘style’ that I need to abide by?

Our client’s preferences, the architecture of the building, the target audience, its surroundings and also the budget will dictate the style direction for a project. All of our qualified designers are able to suit the style of the design to our client’s direction.


What’s included in the initial consultation and what do I need to bring?

The initial consultation is complementary. This may be on site if you are located in South East Queensland, otherwise we can organise a phone or skype meeting to discuss the project with you.

This is a time for you to talk to your designer about what want to achieve. Bring any inspirational images and ideas you may like. If there is something you dislike, be sure tell your designer up front so they can make sure this is not reflected in the concept. This is a great time to speak about your budget and time frames. The more information you can share with your designer the better your designer will be able to customise the space specifically to your needs.

What is the design process?

Each project can vary slightly depending upon the size and requirements, however an example of our standard process is below;

  1. Initial Consultation. An in depth discussion about the project.
  2. Quotation. We provide you with a detailed quotation based on the scope you discussed with your designer at the initial consultation. This will be a summary of the design proposal, listing all aspects and extent of the works we will undertake. Quotation may be a fixed price per project or an hourly rate based fee structure, depending on the type of project, and involvement required from our team.
  3. Concept Design. A collaborative discussion of your brief takes place among our team members and consequently your project is assigned to one of our experienced designers for development. The concept design will include space planning, inspirational imagery and colour and finishes selections.
  4. Concept feedback. We make a concept presentation to you for approval to proceed with the design development. There is room for discussion about likes and dislikes at this point and we tailor the design to your needs and the refined brief will give direction to proceed to the next level of the process.
  5. Preliminary Documentation. The approved concept gets a full make over with finishes and appropriate detailing. You will receive relevant plans, elevations and 3D perspective views. At this stage (if applicable) we submit the design to developer / lessor / shopping centre for preliminary approval.
  6. Final documentation. This includes all technical drawings for construction. This documentation will comply with all building codes and requirements and can be used for submissions to relevant authorities for approval (building certifier) and to other service providers as base information (hydraulic engineers / mechanical / electrical engineers).
How long will the design process take?

The length of time you need to allow for the design process is determined by a number of different factors which may include the size and complexity of the project, approval processes from landlords, shopping centres, councils and building permits. Your quotation will highlight the time allowed for each design stage to be completed. Your designer will also speak to you about timelines in your initial consultation and will be able to give you an idea of what to expect.

What if I don’t like what my designer’s concept?

That’s totally okay! Be honest about your thoughts on the concept and let your designer know exactly what you dislike. Concise feedback and specific examples will set the record straight.





How much is the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is complementary.

What will my interior design project cost?

Our fees are based off the scope of works which is determined at the initial consultation. Where possible, we charge a fixed rate based on the hours we think it will take to complete the project. If the project is smaller or you would prefer, we can charge at an hourly rate.

Is there a contract?

Yes. The main subject matters that the contract will cover are the design brief, documentation phases, project administration, inclusions, payment structure, information on the company, insurances and terms and conditions.

For the client and the designer, a clearly written contract is a valuable tool to prevent miscommunication.

Do you provide costing/tendering services?

We can obtain costing on specific elements that are incorporated into our design however we are unable to provide a final price on your fitout. We can work with your chosen builder or shopfitter to ensure the price of your fitout remains within budget.


What is not included in the design service?

Our services do not include (graphic design?), hydraulic engineers or glazing engineers’ drawings, fire control/safety certificate, electrical, mechanical or structural engineer’s certificates or council applications and approval.

Any item not listed inside our scope of works within our contract is not included in the project costing.


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