Franchise Store Design

Franchise businesses require a highly disciplined approach when it comes to their fit out. Firstly, the initial franchise design concept needs careful consideration for adaptability and cost effectiveness. It also has to contain design elements that will remain current and in style for some time. This includes type of signage, graphics, construction materials and finishes specified.

We offer our clients in this area a systemized approach to their franchise store design.

Step 1 – The basic process for designing a space is undertaken. (see – retail store design)
Step 2 – Full documentation and specification carried out
Step 3 – Comprehensive fit out manual including all standard design elements compiled
Step 4 – Continued ongoing assistance with administration of project

The initial design concept will than be implemented to subsequent franchise sites, and steps two to four will than be followed through. Some of our long term clients have gone onto franchising their concepts and continue using our services to design and document all their upcoming sites.

As the standardization of the design takes place, we are able to pass onto our customers the savings in terms of reduced timeframe for a project and therefore reduced fees as well. We also are able to service Australia wide and overseas. One of our major clients in this area, Mr Rental have been using our services since the start of their franchise business, and we have undertaken designing all their stores including 25 outlets in New Zealand.

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